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Harden T1
1. Sin Piedad

coups de cœur

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« Haunted by Irak's memories, Ismael is trying to get back to normal life with his family... But it's not counting on the gangs war starting in Los Angeles. Here we can see the birth of a hero (or a monster ? The next volumes will tell us) with a mysterious past driving him (under circumstances) to be a violent avenger.
A comic with really beautiful and dynamic drawings letting us take the full measure of the violence. This is not meant for all hands ! »

Jean-Loup, libraire izneo

Résumé de l'éditeur

Ismaël seems like a regular nice-guy fallen on hard times. He's living with his adoring sister and her son following his return from his posting in Iraq. But he has a dark past with the gangs of L.A. and an even darker one with his combat experiences in the US army. These experiences haunt him, giving rise within him to a monstrous second self that he's trying desperately to control... but just when things seems like they're on the up, tragic events send Ismaël plunging into the abyss.

Europe Comics

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